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1. What are the ways I can reload my Tattoo Prepaid SIM?

You have several choices! We have the following reloading options for your Tattoo Prepaid SIM:

  • AutoloadMAX
    Just like a regular Prepaid SIM, you can also load up your Tattoo Prepaid SIM at any Globe Store or AutoloadMAX retail partner nationwide!
  • Share-A-Load
    This loading service lets you use your Globe Prepaid or Postpaid mobile phone to transfer load credits to your Tattoo Prepaid account. You can also choose to setup a PIN number for a more secure reloading transaction.
    With GCASH, you can easily reload your Tattoo Prepaid SIM with just one text!
  • Call Cards
    Just like a regular Prepaid SIM, you can load up your Tattoo account with a Globe Call Card. These are available in different denominations.
  • Banks
    If you're an account holder of our partner banks (BPI, BDO, Citibank, Bancnet, Metrobank, and Chinabank) you can reload your Tattoo Prepaid SIM through ATM, Online/Web Banking, Mobile Banking, and Phone Banking!
  • E-PINs
    E-PINs are given via secured paper slips or via text message. Each E-PIN comes with a card number and a PIN which you can use to load up your Tattoo account, just like regular Prepaid Call Cards.

2. These are really convenient options! How can I reload my Tattoo account using these services?

Whichever option you use, you can reload easily!

If you want to load up through AutoloadMAX, just go to the nearest retailer and give your Tattoo Prepaid SIM number. The retailer will make a few clicks on his mobile phone to reload your Tattoo account. You will then get a text confirmation to inform you of the successful transaction.

If you want to reload via Share-A-Load, just text AMOUNTPIN and send to 2 plus the 10-digit mobile number of the SIM you're loading (Example: 50 1234 and send to 29171234567). If you don't have a PIN, simply text the AMOUNT and send to 2 plus the 10-digit Tattoo Prepaid number. Each Share-A-Load transaction is charged P1.

If you want to buy load through GCASH, simply text LOADAMOUNT4-digit PIN and send to 2882 plus the 10-digit mobile number of the Tattoo SIM you are loading. (Example: LOAD 50 1234 and send to 28829171234567). Reloading through GCASH is free!

If you want to load up your account through any of our Bank Partners, just visit the websites of our bank partners for instructions on how to reload your Tattoo SIM. BPI, BDO, Citibank, Bancnet, Metrobank, and Chinabank are our bank partners.

If you want to reload via E-PIN, all you have to do is dial 223 and press the call button. Enter the card number followed by #, then enter the PIN and press #. A voice prompt will confirm that your reload attempt is successful.

3. What about Call Cards? How do I load up myTattoo SIM using those?

Simple! Just follow these steps:

1. Go to the nearest Globe Store or loading station and choose from the available denominations of prepaid cards available for your Globe Tattoo: P100, P300 and P500.
2. Lightly scratch-off the gray panel located at the back of the card to get the call card number and PIN.
3. Use a Globe mobile phone to call 223, then follow the voice prompt to enter the call card number and PIN.
4. Wait for the confirmation from the voice prompt that the load has been successfully added to your Tattoo SIM’s prepaid balance, and you’re good to go!

4. Where can I reload via AutoloadMAX?

AutoloadMAX is virtually available everywhere! In Globe Stores, in hundreds of accredited dealers, and thousands small retailers like sari-sari stores, market stalls, schools, offices, canteens, groceries, bakeshops, beauty parlors, "takatak" boys and other business establishments nationwide!

5. How about Call Cards and E-PINs? Where can I get these?

Call Cards are available in Globe Stores and load retail outlets nationwide, while you can buy your E-PINs at 7-Eleven stores, RCPI and Eunilaine Supermarkets.

6. What are the available Call Cards/E-PIN denominations and their expiry dates?

Below are the available load values for Prepaid Call Cards and E-PINs!

Load Value Free Text New Load Validity
P100 0 30 days
P300 35 75 days
P500 85 120 days

7. What about for Share-A-Load? How much load can I transfer to a Tattoo account?

You can share up to P500 worth of load! Please see the table below to know the available denominations and their expiry dates:

Load Value Free Text New Load Validity
P1-P10 0 3 days
P11-P50 0 15 days
P51-P100 0 30 days
P101-P150 0 45 days
P300* 35 75 days
P500* 85 120 days

*Note that the P300 and P500 denominations are for Globe Postpaid Share-A-Load senders only.

Sales Hotline: (02)-7301010, available Monday to Sunday from 6AM to 10PM
24-hour Customer Service Hotline: (02)-7301000, toll-free from Globe Landline or dial 211 from any Globe mobile phone